What We Offer

Financial Planning

We offer strategic financial planning and implementation, tailored to your individual goals and needs. This includes wealth accumulation, wealth protection, retirement planning, funding the education of your children and/or grandchildren, as well as philanthropic and charitable giving.

Retirement planning strategies for executives and business owners requires a wide variety of retirement savings vehicles and expertise. Optimal strategies are identified and customized for your specific situation. Additionally, 401(k) plans, asset allocation, and investment selection are actively managed.

Wealth Management

We design customized portfolios based upon your circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance. Capital markets are monitored daily and changes are made proactively when appropriate.

Business Solutions

Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans such as 401(k) plans are our specialty. Establishment and service of qualified and non-qualified plans provide several benefits including access to the industry’s leading plan service providers, guidance in developing optimal portfolio of investments offered to participants, and objective investment oversight.

Family Office

Often outside components are not part of a comprehensive financial plan, and components such as estate planning, tax planning, legal issues, outside investments, and banking are done in a vacuum and not taken into consideration when developing a financial plan.

At Lifetime Wealth Management, we believe a coordinated approach can result in a deeper understanding of a client’s situation and yield greater returns overall. By working with your outside experts such as attorneys and CPAs, we can educate them on your goals and obtain their expert recommendations, ensuring your financial health is in optimal shape.

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